Here in the love of Christ I stand

Confession: Ephesians 4:2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

There are many things I feel I don’t have to battle with when it comes to obeying Gods word. Some are much more difficult. The passage above sounds like only what an angel can do. Seriously, I can count how many times I have been able ‘bear’ someone. My son is in a place where he wants to assert himself and his choices wether I permit him or not. I tried every tactic I could think of….Ignore him as he stamps his foot across the room, reason with him as I temper my growing impatience, send him to his room to calm down as his emotions over take him, scream to kind of shock him into silence…none worked. In the end ( and it should always be in the beginning not the end) I pulled out my bible and this is what I read.

We can only obey Gods word by his special grace because in our flesh and alone, we cannot. I am reminded of how God loves us unconditionally, I am reminded of how patient and carefully loving he is with me and I am reminded that I must extend the same love and empathy to my son who is growing and learning to manage his emotions. In this same vain I must learn to extend this patience to all my ‘neighbours’. Learning to love is a choice but it glorifies God and that is all I want to do.

I pray that God leads us ands teaches us what real love is and how to extend that to our neighbours so we can glorify him. Thank you lord for you redeeming love.

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Hi I'm Nimz. I'm a portrait and documentary photographer and I love to write. I have just completed a Montessori course in Early Childhood Education and am working towards opening a Montessori Nursery in Lagos, Nigeria. My work can be found at website: instagram, twitter & persicope: @nimz_i.

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