On Faith and ‘Helping’ God

There’s a difference between having faith which is accompanied by action and manipulating God in faith. Many times I find that I’m not drawing a distinct line between the two. So there are times when I go through a period where my prayer life and my walk with God is basically at a bare minimum then I realise I need something and so I ramp up my prayers. Thank God, in his infinite goodness, that he sees us as his children. I like to think its the same way I see my son, who all of a sudden begins to act strangely very nice, paying me lovely compliments such as ‘Mummy you look so beautiful today’, ‘Mummy I love you’ and performing unwarranted acts of goodness. I immediately know he wants something. Something usually silly like wanting to watch PJ Mask or have a cookie but you see we humans have this in us from the womb!

Thank God he always has his arms open and that the door is never shut on us. But as we move from milk to meat, let us start to see our relationship with God, not as one of take take take but as fellowship with one who loves us immeasurably. One who we find pleasure in his presence and believe that whatever issues we have, he is going to to sort it out, we just need to focus on him. We shouldn’t just love him because of what he can do but for what he has done! What he has done is more than enough! But see what he has done…every other problem, worry, issue…it all pales in comparison. HE is the God who parted the seas! He is the God who caused manna to rain down to feed his people! HE is the God who fed 5000 people from a few loves of bread and fish. He cannot be manipulated into anything. He will do what he will do.

I pray that we learn to focus on our relationship with God and allow him to add ‘all these things’. Without him, nothing is important. Have faith in him and he will do more than you ever dared to believe.


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Hi I'm Nimz. I'm a portrait and documentary photographer and I love to write. I have just completed a Montessori course in Early Childhood Education and am working towards opening a Montessori Nursery in Lagos, Nigeria. My work can be found at website: http://eetomi.com. http://iamnimz.com. instagram, twitter & persicope: @nimz_i.

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