Will you trust and Obey?

But Moses said before the Lord, “Behold, I am of uncircumcised lips, and how shall Pharaoh heed me?”Hey Ladies, how are you doing? Exodus 5:30

So today in my bible study group we studied Exodus 5 and 6. As usual, we got some interesting revelations which I thought I should share with you.

We talked about how when God sent Moses to Pharoah, he made excuses for why he wasn’t the suitable candidate. He asked questions too but made a few excuses and God not being a dictator assured him that He would be fine and of course in the end asked his brother Aaron to help him.

We also saw that God was angry with him (God doesnt like excuse I guess)I totally saw myself in that passage. I give excuses a lot but in recent times God has been helping me

One of the ladies pointed out that when God asks us to do something or gives us an assignment. He is not expecting us to perform magic. He will do the work, we are just vessels. It’s important to always remember that. We just need to be available and yield ourselves.

Another observation was that God knew Moses and dealt with him in a specific way, for Moses seeing was believing. God gave showed him signs; the staff turning to a snake and his hand becoming diseased. This was to encourage Moses. With his forefather Abraham, God didnt have to do that. Abraham just followed and that’s why he was ready to sacrifice his son when God asked him to.

So when God asks us to do something, He already knows our shortcomings or what we count as weaknesses yet He is asking us. We just need to obey. He knows what He is doing.

We also noticed that, yes, God sent Moses but He also made the task difficult. He hardened Pharoah’s heart and this made things tougher for the Israelites who in turn were angry with Moses and refused to listen to him because the brutality of the Egyptians doubled. In all of this though God was there and could see everything. His promise still stood.

It’s easier said than done but when things seem to get harder, we have to remember that God is still there. When God gives us a word or instruction, the journey won’t necessarily be straightforward.

Another observation was, even though Moses was making excuses and asking questions, he directed them to God.  A lot people these days go straight to their friends and whoever cares to listen, and in return, get all sorts of advice we put people before God.

I used to be one of those people, it was a habit. Our journeys are all different, so we will most likely learn things at different times. I soon realised the error in my ways because I saw that human beings will fail you, even the best of people. That’s just how it is. It’s never the person fault because the Bible is clear on who the only reliable person is (God) For me that’s a lesson I had to learn. It’s tough but many times I just face God and leave the matter there. When people need to be involved, your eyes will open to see who.

I just want to encourage us to step out in whatever area God has asked you to and trust the process. Sometimes when you have a steady 9-5 job , you can get carried away with it because you have something secure and probably focused on advancing your career that you don’t see the other areas of your life that needs attention or other areas God is calling you to.

For those of us that God has asked to do something and we havent started please step out in Him and for those that are not sure what else, lets ask Him. I believe He always has something for us to do. It could even be within the home.

One of my prayers this year is that ‘may I not be attempting to plant in a season of harvest’. Amen!

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