Write the Vision, Make it Plain

Happy 2016! It’s amazing how time flies. I honestly can’t process the fact that it’s the 20th of January. Time is not waiting for anyone at all. I honestly wish I could put some days on pause.

At the beginning of the year I set some goals. Now there’s a school of thought that says setting goals are a waste of time. I don’t subscribe to that school, I believe in having goals and visions for your life. Sometimes we set goals that are a bit wild and crazy but I believe theres even a place for those kind of dreams. So on the first of January, I wrote this one page list of all my goals and dreams both short term and long term and today on the 20th, I admitted to myself that I’m not doing all I need to be doing to achieve even half of the list. Frankly, I’ve been making a lot of excuses not to get things done and excuses feature consistently in my day. I’m allowing a lot of mundane things distract me from my goals and so I’ve ‘re-resolved’ to start over. It’s not to late to join me :).

In the space of a few weeks between the end of 2015 and early 2016, I have attended the most inspiring seminars and conferences. They have all be so amazing and many of them have had the most inspiring women I have ever met. These women were surely not making excuses in their lives. They are so driven and yet so in love with Jesus that you just want to be around them to soak up their awesome essence. I will write a bit about each of them in the days to come. Its for this reason I have gotten a kick up the backside to WAKE UP and smell the coffee. Diligence is what gets you to the finish line.

So good bye to the excuses
good bye to distractions
good bye to fear and unbelief

2016 has indeed begun, you are either in or you are out but regardless, time isn’t waiting for you.

Pick up your mat, set down all of the 2015 baggage and WALK.

Have you made some goals for the year, do you have a vision board. If so please feel free to share with us :).

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4 thoughts on “Write the Vision, Make it Plain

  1. Yayyy!!! One of the reasons my 2015 was so different is because I actually set goals. I wrote them down and made them plain. I am happy to report that when I was setting my 2016 goals I didn’t have most of my 2015 goals on them. I had a vision board which I PDFed and saved on my phone for easy reference. My number one advice is to ensure your goals are written somewhere you can visualize it often!! No point writing down and forgetting where it is or what you have written.

    2016 is about to be amazing and I got all my sisters with me

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