You are not alone

Confession: I confess that the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Psalm 23:1

I got married in 2010 and it was a beautiful ceremony in every sense of the word. So much blood, sweat and tears had gone into the planning and whenever I see a bride fretting about plans, I just want to shake her and sit her down and say breathe! I haven’t yet been to a wedding that was totally abysmal because the white chocolate fountain wasn’t delivered or the shade of the bridesmaids dresses wasn’t the exact shade of teal that was ordered. Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing?

In  a couple of weeks we were honeymooning in sunny Maldives. The sky and sea were shades of blue that I had never seen before. It was breathtaking. The food was delicious, we had an unlimited supply of drinks and a cosy room just by the sea. Nothing could have been more perfect…until we had our first fight as a married couple. I can’t tell you what it was we fought about but I can assure you that it was something  that didn’t really make any sense. For a day or two of those precious ten days, we grunted at each other and that started a series of arguments and misunderstandings for the better part of five years.

If you are newlywed or not so newly wed or even just plain wed and you are having struggles and challenges in your marriage, I want you to know that you are not alone. Don’t let the devil tell you otherwise. I know you see couples holding hands, looking intently in each others eyes, smooching like there’s no tomorrow. I know you wish with all your heart, that you could understand your spouse and that you could hear and say the perfect words that will make everything fall into place. I know you want the tears to stop and that you long for peace and for things to just be easy.

Guess what? You are not alone!

It’s cliché but I wouldn’t give up any one of those years. I wouldn’t be the woman or Christian that I am today and I wouldn’t know the things I know now. Marriage has a way of exposing your flaws, and they are not pretty. You know, I thought I was perfect (I still humbly do haha) but I started to see that I wasn’t. One by one, with the help of trusted friends, mentors and family, I started to identify my flaws and each time, I dropped them at the foot of the cross. I’m still on my journey and Christ renews and purifies me daily but as I pray and transform and grow, I have seen immense changes in myself and in my marriage.

The truth is that you only have control over one person and that’s you! God is able to do a transforming work in your marriage but it starts with you. It’s quite annoying isn’t it, especially when we know we are awesomely perfect! 🙂

God put it in my heart to create this blog to encourage, inspire and edify women who want Godly relationships. My aim is to share experiences and scripture and bible studies and to be renewed and grow together…and to let you know that you are not alone, whatever part of the journey you are on.

Let’s Pray: Father, I thank you because I know that you are always with me. I pray for my marriage, that it grows stronger each day because it is founded on your Word and on your kind of love. I repent of all my sins and cast all my cares upon you. I believe that as I walk with you daily, your light will shine through the darkness and that as I pray and read your word, my mind and body will be renewed. I pray for healing and that from this day, I will enjoy abundant peace and security. I give You the praise for it all, Father, in the name of Jesus.

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